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this page is intruduction to how to use this tool.

Setup Associate Many to many relationship Entities Tool

Import solution and publish then setup is complete !!

If you navigate to setting tab then Many to many relationship menu is displayed.

How to use

This tool associate / disassociate entities when Many to many relationsihp entity record is created. so Create entity like following.Imput N:N schema name and each entity primary field value. then select operation type which is associate or disassociate. If save button is clicked then plugin associate or disassociate entity records.Following example figure is example to associate team and user.

procedent example is associate team and user. so If team and user is found just one record then recrods are associated each other. Following figure is result of association operation.


If 0 record or 2 more record is found then plugin throw exception.following figure is set nonexistance team name at entity1 field.

If save button is clicked then exception dialog is displayed.


entity1 and entity2 field can accept entity record id (guid) directly.

How to find Many to many relationship schema name

if you cannot know N:N relationship schema name. then go to customize entity window. N:N schema name is found like following picture.

basic intruduction is over.

This tool is intended to use with import. Import many to many relationship entity and association/disassociation is done automatically.

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